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Yes, I realize I have been somewhat tardy about updating my website. But then, if I stayed on top of things I couldn't retain my good standing membership in the Procrastinator's Club (which I plan to run for President of, if they ever get around to having an election...)

The biggest news I have is that I've now qualified for the ARRL's Triple Play Award! In order to qualify you must work all 50 states in CW, Phone and Digital modes, and receive all the QSLs in Logbook of the World. I never had much interest in any digital modes, but I already had all the LoTW confirmations for CW and Phone modes, and it seemed like whenever I would look at my LoTW account that Triple Play Award would mock me. "You know you want me, Vince," I heard it say. So I decided to give PSK31 a try. It seemed like the easiest of the digital modes to try so I read all I could find online about PSK31, downloaded DigiPan and started making some contacts. It worked fine, but I really wasn't all that excited about it. Then someone suggested I try JT65. Since I was already set up for PSK31 all I had to do was download the JT65-HF software. It has been said that operating JT65 is somewhat akin to watching paint dry, so if it is I must like watching paint dry! I found I really enjoy this mode and quickly racked up most of the states I needed for the Digital WAS award (and Triple Play.) Some of the tougher states I worked with help from the great guys who frequent the K3UK Sked Page. Eventually I had everything confirmed except for, believe it or not, Wisconsin. After a quick email asking my WI contact to please upload to LoTW, I finally had all 50 states confirmed using CW, SSB and JT65! It took me all of, maybe, 5 minutes to file my application in LoTW for the Triple Play Award, and now I'm waiting for the certificate from ARRL. And to make it just that much better, I submitted the application on my birthday! Life is good.

Many of you have asked about the tower project. The concrete base is in, but so far that's as far as it has gone! I'm continuing to gather the parts I need to finish. Eventually I will be placing the Tennadyne T-12 on top of the tower. It will sit at around the 60-foot level. Tennadyne recommends a minimum height of 45 feet for this antenna so I should be good to go. The project will probably be completed this fall, because right now it's just too darn hot to be putting up large metal structures!





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